Therapy.. kinda

So tonight was a bit bittersweet. I had to say goodbye to a friend who is moving to Oregon. Wifey and I have thought of moving to Oregon as well. We think the political leanings and lifestyle fit our attitude better.  But that’s not I want to write about.

If you have read this (very new) blog you know we are seeking better health. Basically I have gone from my “fighting weight” (when I was in the Army) of 165ish to a whopping 210. It did take 25 years after I retired to reach this weight, but the fact remains, I have quite the beer belly. And yes, its beer (and chicken wings) that caused this.

So I have made a decision. I have 4 beers left in the fridge. When they’re gone, they’re gone. No more until I get this situation under control. No idea how long it will take. I may never have another beer (shudder). I’m going from a 20 year six-pack a day to nothing cold turkey.  This will not be easy.

Which brings me to my first point. At tonight’s “goodbye” I didn’t have to pay for anything.  The lovely lady that is leaving us, is a co-owner of the best Irish pub in town. So as soon as I walked in (and greeted folks including my oldest son) I was handed my usual Guinness. Well one stout won’t kill me carbs for the keto plan.  Then without asking a shot of a very fine Irish whiskey, Redbreast 15-year-old, showed up. One each for myself and my son. No big deal I thought, I can sip this slowly, which I did. We did order a second Guinness as was the plan.  Two beers and leave. Didn’t plan on the shot of whiskey, but we took in stride as good Scots do. Then, suddenly another Guinness was on the table, again without asking.  Just a wink from our friend.  Well, hell. Guess we’ll have to drink that one too.  At least another shot of whiskey didn’t show up as well. But again, that’s not what I want to write about.

The main point is this; I have stated many times on social media that I am trying to curb, if not entirely cut out my alcohol consumption.  Basically I have never received any response, either helpful or ridicule, to these posts (usually Twitter – I’m not a  big fan of Facebook).

I admit that I have created a clown image my entire life.  While I was never the “class clown” (to introverted for that), I had a very wicked and at times cruel sense of humor. I believe that even though most of the people, in fact maybe just two people, on Twitter know me outside of social media, the clown persona remains. My serious posts get ignored, while my sarcastic or even idiotic posts get liked and retweeted. Such is the life of the clown. And just so you know, I do have a registered clown face with Ringling Brothers (Skeeter the clown. From High Pockets Alley Gang) maybe one day I’ll post a picture, we’ll see.

So tonight I posted;

Word of warning. When I finish the 4 beers in my fridge I’m done. I may get quite surly. Keep me in your thoughts please. Won’t be easy.

Specifically asking for thoughts and a little help.  What do I get? Crickets. So I’m asking you dear reader, to keep me in your thoughts and/or prayers if that’s what you do. Send me good vibes (and maybe some good grilling recipes). Damn, that was the clown coming out again. And don’t hesitate to ask me for thoughts and vibes going back to you (sorry I don’t believe in prayer). And I have many recipes I can share as well!

For now, I’m going to turn up the music, put on the headphones and chill. Tomorrow is another day, and the last of the beer. Sunday better be ready, it may be bloody….




  1. You have my prayers, thoughts and good vibes coming your way. This will be a powerful and at times difficult spiritual exercise for you. Yet you will gain strength and amazing insight along the way. You’ve got my support!

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