The Case Of The Missing Office Staff

The above picture is the door to the local office of Congressman Ron DeSantis (R- FL) here in the Port Orange city hall. It has been dark and locked for a very long time. The last I remember seeing any of the staff was more than a week ago. I understand they were off Monday September 4th for Labor Day (so was I). I vaguely remembering someone being there for half a day either Tuesday the 5th or Wednesday the 6th.  But I haven’t seen hide nor hair of them since.

Maybe they evacuated for the hurricane, or sustained major damage, I don’t know.  But why isn’t there a sign on the door stating why they aren’t there and how to contact someone if help is needed? Even if they can’t get in to post the sign they could reach out to our city manager’s office and we’d place the sign for them.

I ask, is this any way to run a government? I have had to advise two folks today that they have not been around for a week or so. I can’t really place blame on Rep. DeSantis, but is this how his office treats his constituents?

Sadly, I voted for Rep. DeSantis in November since he is supposedly strong in veteran’s affairs, and I am a veteran. I now regret that vote (the only Republican vote I cast too). And not for this, as there may be extenuating circumstances I am not aware of.  After all one can’t expect our elected representatives in DC to come running home for every little thing (even though the hurricane was a little bit more than a “little thing”), it’s his staff that’s AWOL.

I’ve worked 9 straight days now. My house still has minor damage, my yard is still littered with debris (although Wifey® has done more than her share in cleaning up stuff while her offfice was closed) and we still have no power. I see no reason, barring life threatening injuries, that the office should not be open. As a public servant, the office is there to support and help the public. Or at the very least, a posting with alternative contact information.

You would think a veteran would know this.  I say vote him out and let’s put someone who cares about the local people in his place.


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