So This Is Christmas.. Already?

If you’ve read the other posts about how I don’t feel that Christmas can start until I hear John Lennon’s Happy Xmas (War Is Over), you will understand this post just a bit better.  If you haven’t read them, go find them and come back here.  I’ll wait…

(Hums Jeopardy theme song)

Back now? Good.  So for some reason, my Spotify playlist just played the song.  So I guess Christmas 2018 can now start? We just got the decorations down! At least it gives me an excuse to start the Christmas shopping early. And with the Central Florida Highland Games (Albannach & Rathkeltair providing the music, and another visit to And Sarah Smiled for more Celtic pottery) this weekend, we’ll have the chance to pick up some early presents!

So Happy Holidays, I guess??



  1. So, you left me a comment and somehow I accidentally deleted it. (FAIL) What I was going to say was that the boyfriend is cooking ACTUAL feet at the moment, hence the smell. He’s trying to make his own tonkotsu broth. It’s so delicious when we get it at restaurants, but it smells horrible in here, so I am somewhat skeptical, haha.

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