Wasted Time

I have spent damn near 3 hours now browsing videos on YouTube. I went there specifically to find one video, and at about the 90-minute mark, I realized not only had I not found it, I couldn’t remember what the hell I was looking for in the first place! Part of the blame goes to my swiss cheese brain, but mostly the damnable list of similar videos that’s on the right side of the page.

But in all the videos I’ve watched today, I want to post this one. Not only is it a song from one of my now lost heroes, George Harrison, it features two other now lost musical heroes of mine, Tom Petty, and Prince.  It is easy to say the Prince “stole the show” with his guitar solo and stage presence.

But also, someone you might miss in the background is Dahnni Harrison, George’s son. It’s hard to miss him though, he looks very much like his dad. He’s the young “kid” to the right of Tom Petty.

But enough of my rambling.. here’s the video. I’m going back to browsing videos… (plus I’m out of #craftbeer, dammit!!)


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