Ginger – Week 3 2018

Last week we left off with Ginger, the mischievous elf, planting peppermint seeds.  Let’s see just what happened!

Elf with candy canes in planters
Saturday and the “seeds” have sprouted!
Elf with large candy canes in the planters, and plates of elf doughnuts
Sunday morning and she has elf doughnuts for the girl’s breakfast. And look how big the candy canes have grown!
Elf napping with our large dog.
Monday – It was a tough weekend. She took a nap with the dog.
Elf with a snowman made from toilet paper rolls
Tuesday finds her with a TP snowman!
Elf tangled up in ribbons and wrapping paper.
On Wednesday she tried to wrap some presents for the girls. It didn’t go well.
Elf wrapped in a towel sitting the fridge.
I guess the Florida “winter” isn’t enough for her, so on Thursday, this is where we found her!
Elf wrapped in foil like a giant chocolate kiss candy.
Friday finds Ginger all wrapped up like a big chocolate kiss candy. Yum!

Ginger will return home to the North Pole next week. I wonder how she’ll go out (with style of course) this year? Check back to find out. Same elf time, same elf channel!

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