Creepy Video Of The Week, Or Month, Or…

I just may start a new series here, just not sure how often I’ll use it. Lately this blog has taken a very musical turn. And for those that have known me a long time, that’s not surprising. Wifey calls a “Musical Savant”. I can throw lyrics around to fit damn near any situation. Although I usually like to parody the song and not match the lyrics to whatever is going on any to close. It’s much more fun that way. Take this post to my personal FaceBook yesterday;

I love puns!

But I’m going a slightly different way with this, hopefully, series. Videos that I find odd. There could be either creepy, or stupid, or just down right bizarre. I hope not to use videos that are meant to be parodies too often, but I will guarantee that you will see one of my favorites in this area, Weird Al. I love his work!

I have two in mind already, so here’s the first.

This is a great song, and easy to play on the guitar as well. But watch the video and ask yourself; “Self!! Just what the hell are they trying to do here?” They look like a bunch of half drunk high school kids just after they dropped their dates off after prom. Two guys standing on risers, a fully tuxed guy and a robed hippie guy on stools, and smoke… Somebody was smoking something, I’ll tell you that!


I keep expecting a monster to come up out of the smoke at the end. Guess I’ve been reading too much Stephen King.

Have a suggestion for a creepy or just plain weird video? Leave me a comment below.


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