Take A Guess – The Final Clue!

So this will finish this short series. Finally!

This song says it all.

Have you figured out what this is all about? All the songs since clue 3 deal with leaving. The first clue Whipping Post by the Allman Brothers and My Way by the one and only Frank Sinatra hopefully point to a general feeling of being burned out, and that whatever it is I’m leaving, it’s by my choice.

To recap the posts;

First, no we’re not getting divorced. At least not that I know of. But the time has come, and I’m taking an early retirement. Not a full retirement, I expect to get some part time work (“You want fries with that??), and with any luck not in the IT realm any longer. Think of it as a “semi-retirement”, which is very similar to “semi-pro”, just without the pay.

I really want to finish the repair/remodel work on the house we’ve started, get a garden going for spring, and do my genealogy again. These ghosts ain’t gonna find themselves!

So if anybody has work for a broken down 60+ year old fart, let me know!


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