7 February 1946

Today would have been my parents, Donald Sherwood Campbell (28 March 1912 – 19 February 1985) and Geneva Mae Hicks (1 May 1921 – 23 November 2001) 74th wedding anniversary.

Wedding party. Dad is the gentleman on the left and Neva to his right with two flowers in her hair.

I don’t know the story of how they met, maybe one of my siblings know and can enlighten me. But I do know they met in Washington D.C. Dad was working for Fairchild Airmotive and mom the GAO (Government Accounting Office). Mom told me she went to a “secretarial school”, somewhat against her wishes. She wanted to be a “hair dresser”, but her dad would have no part of that. She was an amazing typist, well over 100 words per minute. One the her jobs at the GAO was typing (on manual typewriters) the tax forms. This was well before Xerox, so there was no way to mass produce these forms. She sat in a room with many other women typing up to 20 copies at once (carbon paper was the big thing). And no errors were allowed.

Dad did many different jobs with Fairchild. He was a mechanic, a test pilot, the plant’s official photographer, and played on the tennis team. We were not that close when I was growing up, so I don’t have that many stories of him when was younger.

I’m not sure of the date of this photo, but I have another of Neva in the same coat and head scarf dated January 1951.

Mom told me she had to be coaxed out the evening that picture was taken. She had just wash and set her hair, so it was still in curlers. She put the scarf on and out she went. Somehow I still have two pictures of her in this scarf. Guess it didn’t take much to get her out that night.

January 16, 1982. At the reception following my wedding. Taken at my eldest sister’s house in Miami.


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