What’s Stuck In My Head – 21 February

As I’m sure you know be now, most days I have no idea why a particular song is stuck in my head. And today is no different.

This song has been a favorite of mine even before I understood what the title meant.  I like the rhythm to the song, and at around 12 years of age when it was released, the repetitive lyrics of the chorus were very catchy.

The track was recorded at Trident Studios, London, and the piano on the record was performed by either Rick Wakeman or Blue Weaver. Mark Paytress notes that both pianists may have played separate parts on the song, with Wakeman contributing only the piano glissandos that feature several times throughout the song. Wakeman, who was desperate for work at the time to pay his rent, had bumped into Bolan in Oxford Street, who offered him the session. Wakeman pointed out to Tony Visconti that the record did not actually need a piano player. Visconti suggested that he could add a gliss. Wakeman said that Visconti could do that, to which Bolan replied, “You want your rent, don’t you?” Wakeman did, and earned £9 for his efforts.


This video is from a 1971 broadcast on the British TV show, Top of the Pops.  Playing the piano on this video is the one and only Elton John (long before they added the “Sir” to his name.

T. Rex will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year. Just in case you are up night worring about things like that.



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