What’s Stuck In My Head – 2 April

Coronavirus Edition

I do hope each and everyone out there are handling this health crisis well.  We are having no issues here.  I have been closely monitoring everyone’s temperature daily (me twice a day – I’m a high-risk guy).  I also check my blood oxygen level several times a day, just for good measure.

And since I live in #Floriduh and our good-for-nothing governor was following along with our national Dear Leader, it’s been crazy here.  Yesterday I had two guys come door-to-door trying to sell something. I have no idea what as I wouldn’t open the door and just yelled at them to go away.  We do, finally, have a “stay-at-home” order. It goes into effect at midnight tonight.

And that brings me to today’s tune.  I think it fits quite nicely with everything that’s going on ‘round here. Plus, it needs no introduction.



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