What’s Stuck In My Head – 12 October

I know how this one got stuck.

Saturday afternoon while I was do a little genealogy this played on the Classic Vinyl station.  I am very familiar with this song, it is a George Harrison original after all, but not this version.  A quick look at the channel guide showed me it was George and his best pal Eric Clapton.  I immediately brought up YouTube to see if I could find a video.  I did find a video for the two guitar gods playing together, but it didn’t sound quite right.

On the cover I heard, the vocals were really nicely balanced.  George’s lead vocal had more presence than both the original by The Beatles and this live video I had found.  It took a few changes to my search terms, and some scrolling to find at least the proper vocal mix.  If you go to the YouTube page for this song it says it is a 2004 remix of a 1991 concert from Japan.  The bootleg concert video (here) is interesting in seeing the interplay of George with the audience at the beginning, and of course to see Eric play in his usual laid-back style.  They didn’t call him slow hand for nothing.

The album Live In Japan features this track, and Eric also preformed it at the Concert For George tribute concert to Harrison in 2002.

The video I’m using is boring, true.  But I used it because of the superior audio quality.   I hope you enjoy it as much as I!



P.S. I’ve got a new genealogy blog now.  The link is down below!

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