All You Need…

I have mentioned several times here that my brother and I agree that the greatest songwriter of our era was John Lennon.  I will admit that his lyrics can be over the top politically, just listen to the ending chorus of “Happy X-Mas (War Is Over)”.  Even the title says it going to be political.  But that doesn’t stop me from enjoying the song.  In fact, the Christmas “season” doesn’t start until I hear “Happy X-Mas” playing somewhere randomly.  This year it was just last week that it played on the radio while I was not at home that I heard it. 

My granddaughters are big fans of the Beatles as well.  It’s not all that surprising since their mother has more Beatles stuff than I do.  When the girls were infants, I could calm them down just by singing “Yellow Submarine”.  So I wasn’t in the least bit surprised when granddaughter-the-elder handed me this little thing she made.  I keep it on my desk.

And that’s what I try to keep in my mind at all times;  “All You Need Is Love”.  I will have the Beatles channel playing today.  I hope I hear this song several times.

John Lennon, 9 October 1940 – 8 December 1980.


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