Another (Music) Box Checked

This could be posted under Singer – Songwriters or Guitar Gods as well. Just as my last Music Box was could have been. Maybe I need to start another series.

This time it’s Dave Mason on the hot seat. A quick reminder for those not quite up to speed with my music tastes. Dave is best known first, as a member of Traffic, then as a solo artist with “We Just Disagree” as his biggest hit. The other track of his that made it big, is covered here by Dave Mason And The Quarantines. Just like “Let It Rain” in the post linked at the top, this is a virtual performance. In fact, take Peter Frampton out and insert Michael McDonald and the backing band is damn near the same.

And take a look at the wall of gold and silver records in Dave’s home. Wow! Now that is impressive. I really like the double platinum album for The Jimi Hendrix Experience’s “Electric Ladyland“. Dave played the acoustic 12 string guitar and sang backup on both “Crosstown Traffic” and the monster hit “All Along The Watchtower” for that album. That was the only award I could identify in the video. Let me know if you see any others you can identify.

As much I give Michael McDonald grief as a member of the Doobie Brothers, I think he fits in quite nicely with this song. His voice seems to fit, not that you can understand half of what he says. But then Joe Cocker’s cover of this song isn’t all that understandable vocally either. The rest of bandmates are spectacular! Mick Fleetwood’s eyes are a whole ‘nother post!



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